The Singakwenza Waste2Toys Training Workshops teach parents, practitioners and community workers how to make their own toys and teaching materials using recycling, and how to play with these with their children to develop foundational skills. Our goal at these workshops is to help practitioners and parents understand that it is the play that is important, not how much the toys cost. Expensive equipment isn’t what determines how well children learn. The same skills are developed when using a skipping rope made from bread bags or one bought from a shop. All that is needed to provide purposeful play activities is a dedicated, enthusiastic adult with a pair of scissors, a marker pen and access to a whole lot of recycling.

We offer a number of different three-hour workshops to teach different skills: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Stages and Types of Play, Numeracy, and Language Development.  We can present these Waste2Toys workshops in isiZulu, isiXhosa or English, or any other language if a translator is provided, for groups of around 35 people at a time. We travel throughout South Africa and to other countries (if funding is available) to present this training.

“Singakwenza taught me how to make educational toys by using recycling. Now we don’t buy toys, we just collecting plastic bottles and lids, bread bags to make jumping ropes… I am using these toys in activities that support the developmental need of our learners. These toys are so helpful to us because we don’t have enough money to buy expensive toys.” Buhle, practitioner