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Singakwenza, which means “We can do it” is a Non-Profit Organisation providing Early Childhood Education to economically disadvantaged communities.

What an incredible day! The months of hard work that our team has put in culminated in the first delivery of the Learn at Home activity boxes this morning. Each of the 720 children who should be in our creche programme at the moment is receiving their own activity box, which contains a number of carefully selected toys to develop a wide range of vital preschool skills. There is also a booklet in isiZulu for the parents/caregivers to explain how to set up the over 60 different learning activities and games, and how these will help their child’s holistic development. As everything is made from household packaging, if any of the toys get lost or broken, the parents can easily replace them. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors – both corporate and individual – who have continued to support us during these challenging times. It is you who have made this possible.

Packing 720 boxes.
Writing each child’s name on their box.
Parent signs for her child’s activity box.
Child chooses the lid kid (doll) that they want to adopt.
Practitioners assist with issuing of the correct handed scissors, scrap paper, magazine and beanie for each child.