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Singakwenza, which means “We can do it” is a Non-Profit Organisation providing Early Childhood Education to economically disadvantaged communities.

There are so many ways to help a charity organisation to raise funds, and two special ladies shared their talents to help us to boost our coffers!


Annette Des Clayes is a very creative lady, who designed and made a whole lot of toys from recycling, using only a glue gun and a craft knife! Her toys started simply, with some little cars…

racing car

… and soon expanded into aeroplanes ….


… helicopters …


… tractors and trailers …

tractor and trailer

… and front-end loaders!

front end loader

She then started making dolls out of the roller ball from a deodorant bottle and scraps of material tied together:


boy doll

Another one of Singakwenza’s volunteers, Heather Freeman, suggested that if we have a stall where we sell some of Annette’s toys, we would be able to bring in some money for the Early Childhood Education programmes. She offered to man the stall and help with the sales.

So on a bright and sunny day in October, we set up a small stall at the local supermarket and put out these beautiful toys to sell. It wasn’t long before our first customers arrived!


Mrs Sangeetha Singh brought her grandchildren, Shreya and Sher, to buy a toy, and they took ages trying to decide which one they liked best. They were absolutely delighted with their purchases!

water tanker

The tractor and water tanker was a big hit, especially because it really worked! Annette had put a lid on the top, and a wine spout at the back, so this little boy couldn’t wait to get it home to play with it.

police truck

Who knew shopping could be so much fun? This little boy didn’t whine about being in the supermarket, because he was enthralled with his police van and tow truck!

We are so grateful to both Annette and Heather for using their talents to give us a way of raising much needed funds, and a big thank you, too, needs to go to all the parents and grandparents who stopped by and bought one of these special toys for their children!