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Singakwenza, which means “We can do it” is a Non-Profit Organisation providing Early Childhood Education to economically disadvantaged communities.

We all know that encouraging children to “build” is beneficial, but do you know why?
The number of skills that this type of activity offers children is amazing! Children are given the opportunity to develop:
– Visual-spatial awareness, which is needed for https://www.pass4lead.com/700-260.html reading and writing
– Problem-solving and critical thinking, which are important for Maths and Science
– Fine motor manipulation and strength
– Motor planning and control
– Creativity and imagination
– Concentration and focus
– Social skills and cooperation
Often we think these skills only develop if our https://www.pass4lead.com/700-039.html children have access to blocks or Lego. Try giving your children whatever is in your recycling packet – you will be AMAZED at what they create! And if you join in with the fun, you add a whole new dimension to your child’s learning.

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